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PT Cynnex Integrasi Solusi

PT Cynnex Integrasi Solusi is an IT System Integrator and Business Solution Service Provider, we are excelling in offering wide variety of professional services in as Penetration Test, Computer Forensics, Data Recovery, Code Review (Secure Coding), Server Migration, Virtual Labs.

PT Cynnex Integrasi with the brand name CYNNEX which established in December 2020 by a team of Indonesian entrepreneur professionals, we promoted by highly qualified, experienced and well-known professionals. Our experience expands over fifteenth years in those domains. with a clear understanding of the growing needs of Indonesia’s developing market economy, we continually improve our methodology and strive toward technological and industry leadership.

Why Cynnex? You get a trusted team of business owners who have experience in the real world. So, when you work with us you get to work with a real team of business owners who’ll bring real life experience and expertise to your company. You get to work with a team of the best hand-picked people in the world

  • Experienced and Professional

Our solution is proven and fit on your need; we are can provide customized services.

  • Providing Customized Services

We have experienced providing service for large, medium and small organization.

  • Latest Technologies in Use

Our service allows in depth analysis

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